Feb. 28, 2020

Watch closely the governments and hereditary chiefs meeting

Sadly we now know that breaking the law works. Can we all go out now and seek change by breaking the law?

Who speaks for the Indigenous people? Is it the elected chiefs or the hereditary chiefs? 

Seems clear that right now it is the hereditary chiefs who break the law. 

So will the hereditary chiefs insist that their consent must be obtained for any development to occur on their traditional lands? 

If they gain that power of consent it means that present Canadian law is being violated and the UN Declaration on Rights Of Indigenous Peoples takes precedence. 

Right now to gain title to land and hence consent power over development an indigenous group must seek such title through the courts. 

And even if title is granted by the court and consent is withheld for a development project, under present Canadian law, a developer has recourse to challenge that lack of consent.

Canadians should keenly watch what is now taking place since it is likely new precedents will be established that will have profound repercussions for our future. 

One has already been established – that violating certain Canadian Law, like injunctions, is not only condoned but significant power can be gained by those committing the crime. The proof is obvious – RCMP closed down their office, and the pipeline company ceased construction – two conditions that the injunction violators demanded before even a meeting could take place.