Mar. 2, 2020

Tentative arrangement is all 'arse foremost'

"Arse foremost" is a purely Canadian term that means to go backwards – the urban dictionary

Now there it is, in black and white. My son, it takes a lot of doing to tangle this up like seems the case now. 

Of course I’m talking about the tentative arrangement the Canadian federal government and BC provincial government have made with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs. 

You know, there is this pipeline that has been approved, and is under way. Big dispute. Some first nations leadership approved it, the elected, and some, the hereditary chiefs did not. The hereditary chiefs began protesting, blockades, violating legal injunctions imposed by the courts and bringing parts of the Canadian economy to a standstill. 

The federal and provincial governments get involved and hold talks with the hereditary chiefs notwithstanding their illegal actions. Now a so-called Tentative Agreement among the parties – but not on the project that is being protested illegally, but on the future, but no details given yet.  

I mean, did you ever hear the like?

I am sure most Canadians thought that if anything was going to be agreed to it would be that the pipeline project is going ahead without any more opposition. That was what the protests were about at the beginning. But the hereditary chiefs say they are still opposed to the pipeline project while they sign a deal with two Canadian governments about vague future arrangements. 

Of course, one shouldn’t ask how valid any deal is between two parties when one of the parties is involved in illegal activity concerning the very issue being agreed to. Or what that does to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decisions on title to land, given that the word title is being thrown around so easily? And how does this so-called agreement, if it stands, affect all other traditional lands in the country? 

And the poor press – their understanding is zero given the articles being written about this. 

T’is all arse foremost, it is. 

 Poor old clarity has taken some beating this last few days. 

But it looks like the chiefs have out witted the government ministers. Getting something for the future, and still opposing the pipeline. 

Did someone say let’s dump those governments?