Mar. 6, 2020

Buffett Takes $4 billion out of Quebec – What say you now Central Canada?

Well, well, we might see some action now. Quebec and LNG. Thought that was an oxymoron.

Financier Warren Buffett is taking out his investment in a proposed LNG Project in Quebec. So reports the Financial Post today. 

Now Central Canada might begin to realize what is happening in Alberta and western Canada. You think? What say you all in Central Canada Now? 

Quebec, the province that shunned the Energy East Pipeline was getting involved in dirty fossil fuel business all on its own. 

Well, not really. It was looking to ugly place to the south, Trump’s America, that most Canadians abhor, for a lot of the cash. 

And that has now dried up. 

Why? The deputy mayor for the city in Quebec where the project was to be built says it’s got to do with blockades and delays that plague Canada. 


For years Alberta in particular has been taking it on the chin and was having difficulty persuading central Canada of its plight.

Perhaps now that the issue is in Central Canada’s back yard they might listen and understand. 

But I thought Junior Trudeau, Friedland, Morneau and company with the Paris Accord crowd had all of this worked out. Why would we need a Quebec LNG facility? That’s old hat isn’t it? 

Where are the wind turbines of steel and plastic and concrete killing all those birds? Isn’t that the new way?

Why should Quebec or Alberta or British Columbia be involved in such dastardly fossil fuel ventures?

I mean I am getting confused, as I suspect is much of the rest of Canada.