Mar. 24, 2020

Daddy Trudeau is very much alive with his War Measures Act

Did you see that?

The Trudeau Liberals trying to get sweeping powers to tax, spend and borrow for 21 months. 

Trying to use the Coronavirus crisis to escape Parliament and borrow, spend, and tax willy-nilly. With a weakened Conservative opposition the sneaky Liberals thought they would give it a try.

What a despicable bunch!

Andrew Sheer, leader of the opposition, said:

"But we will not give the government unlimited power to raise taxes without a parliamentary vote. We will authorize whatever spending measures are justified to respond to the situation, but we will not sign a blank cheque."

Good for him.

As Sheer said, the Parliament can be recalled with 48 hour notice and deal with any new actions that need to be taken. 

And the gall of the Liberals to say that of course this crazy proposal was negotiable. It should never have been on the table in the first place!

To even contemplate such an action demonstrates the undemocratic nature of this despicable crowd. 

It tells those still unconvinced that these present Liberals should not be allowed to govern – that we are dealing with a group who believe they are above the law – above Parliament – the people. 

In true socialist ideology – they know best for all of us! No, they don’t!

You got away with your obstruction of Justice, your five-time lawbreaking, closing down parliamentary Committees. But Dear Princeling, you hit the wall. Your autocratic, undemocratic “slip “ is showing.

And, it got caught – this time.