Mar. 29, 2020

Context is always relevant

What many who allegedly  “know” me fail to understand is that there was an “all of Canada  determined effort” to discredit me and Newfoundland and Labrador when we were fighting on three fronts – the fishery, offshore oil and gas and the Upper  Churchill Contract. 

CBC led the charge with efforts to corner me by the famous Barbers Frum, and then  Peter Newman and others. 

They won on all three, except that Brain Mulroney, not John Crosbie, understood.  And he saw to it that the Atlantic Accord was signed. 

During that time Justin’s father did what Justin tried to do, and both almost succeeded – lied to the people  – the all-out effort by the feds to persuade  everyone in my Province to accept an inferior deal signed by Nova Scotia  on the offshore. I had been fighting so long on this that a poll I had done said you fought the good fight but now you must give in. And my caucus and Cabinet  were  shaky.

I said no, never! I will go down with the ship.

It was ordinary Newfs who stayed with me through this, not the University or the Business community  etc. , nor the elites or anyone in Canada. 

I have been down many roads in my life and I know the Trudeau (and much of the federal Liberal Party)  mentality, they are centralists not federalists. 

Justin’s approach is consistent with the party of his father and his father’s idea of Canada, a more centralized Canada than the BNA Act envisioned, coupled with an authoritarian approach to power. 

I won all of my elections not because of the establishment but in spite of them.  

When people try to “inform” me of a “Federal Effort” please, nothing has changed. Been there, done that .

And these Ontario and Quebec elites still run both major political parties.

And this latest Justin effort was typical, to subvert Parliament. He closed down Parliamentary Committees, made sure people were not interviewed  by the Ethics Commissioner, obstructed Justice, and on and on.

Remember his Dad tried to subvert the Cconstitution, no less, and fortunately got rebuffed.

Brian Peckford is a former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, living in retirement on Vancouver Island.