Mar. 31, 2020

China’s false kits – they are 'masks' alright

If it isn’t enough for the Covid-19 virus to have originated in China – in other words the China Virus  – but now we have word that that country has the gall to spread their defective masks all over the world, pretending they are trying to help,  rather than to gain influence  – the word mask is so appropriate. 

And now this has backfired.  

Hundreds of thousands of these Chinese masks (now we can call these Chinese, no problem) were sent to Spain and that country has found them unreliable. Then the Czech Republic found the same thing.  

Now today the latest – the Netherlands  – 600,000 of the N95 masks from China either don’t fit properly or the filters don’t work. 

It is easy for China to hide mistakes at home – but when product goes overseas it’s another story.  

I think Canada has some now and, of course, they must be tested. The Minister of Global Affairs was quoted as thanking China – while there are two Canadians held hostage in China etc, etc – sickening, scared to say anything, Canada, you know that temporary seat on the UN.

Are we capable of learning from this? It’s doubtful from where I sit. Political correctness is killing us and we still refuse to see. 

A political historian mused today that this Covid-19 is a ‘Globalization ‘ disease.

That must drive the socialists and progressives stark raving mad. Their cherished world government is taking a hit. Of course, the UN and the EU proved this long ago, but apparently it takes lives lost and societies to close down before those laggards get the message and come to their senses. 

I read the British government is even mad about this, the Chinese blaming falsely the American Army and spreading their defective masks around the globe. The irony of it all – it’s the Brits under Dear Boris who accepted the Huawei technology just a few weeks ago over the objections of the Americans. 

When this abates it will be time for some serious reckoning. Is the West up to it?