Apr. 15, 2020

Great, US halts World Health Organization funding

Thank you Mr. Trump! It is about time! This Globalist business, if it is to be continued, needs major reform. 

And it should not stop with WHO. 

I mean, the way WHO behaved at the beginning and early part of this pandemic is nothing short of shocking. If anyone should have known not to trust China it should be an international organization like WHO. Yet, it cozied up to China and ‘ believed’ what this authoritarian, non democratic state had to say. This is the state that even to this day has not come clean with the data on the start of the virus. Now we learn the Chinese Government has put additional barriers on their researches concerning the virus. Beijing, the Government, must approve the release of all information on research concerning the virus. We all know what that means – -more obfuscation and lies. 

But like the other UN Organization, the Human Rights Council, everyone thinks they can abuse the system, abuse the top donor and there will be no consequences. The weak intervention of American Democratic and Republican administrations of the past, told everyone all around the world that they could abuse the system and their top donor and all would still be well. 

We have carried this misguided notion that if we are nice to the Chinese they will, presto, change their stripes and become democratic. And so the Chinese proceeded to do their thing, stripping the world, as this crazy appeasement virus took hold – from the South China Sea, to research co-operative agreements, to Universities and Colleges all over the world, to the World Trade Organization, to funding under developed and developing countries wrapping them up in agreements that endanger their sovereignty. Just this past week China ends up on a key Committee of the UN Human Rights Council.

How can this be? Because of appeasement of the progressive global elites who have captured the political leaders in going along with all of this political correctness. Justin Trudeau, our inept PM, is in the vanguard of this sad happening. 

This madness has to end. 

Halting funding to WHO should be the first step of many to bring some sense of balance, democracy, transparency, and accountability to international organizations. And we should not be fooled again.  

Sadly, the European Union’s capitulation to Russia (Crimea) Iran (nuclear deal), Turkey (immigration) as well as China (on just about everything) does not bode well for real change. 

How ironic that the unlikely hero in attempting to reform the world order is none other than a bombastic New York real estate developer, TV celebrity, whose instincts align with the people and fairness in world dealings.