Apr. 29, 2020

B.C. extends lockdown two weeks —Should be revised now

The lockdown in B.C. should be revised now. The Provincial Government has established health regions. And they are different just as the provinces are different.
So let’s look at where I live: Vancouver Island. Right now there are 117 Wuhan virus cases on the Island. The population is 870,000. That is 13 cases for every 100,000. 
New Brunswick has 14 per 100,000. 
Saskatchewan 33.
Manitoba 20. 
These three Provinces are slowly opening their economies. Should not B.C. look at this?
How about just opening the provincial parks on the Island? 
I heard experts say being outside was healthier than inside. We're allowed to go in Liquor Store, 2,000 square feet, indoors — not allowed to go to Englishman River Park, outdoors, 94 hectares. 
This makes no sense. All health experts will tell you outside is less risk than indoors for the virus. 
That would be a start. For RV places — just allow 50 per cent open, with appropriate spacing. 
How about some small business openings that can easily accommodate distancing? 
Isn’t this just common sense? 
We are learning that the Wuhan virus is more about site specific conditions, crowds, small spaces, vulnerable populations than about a general population problem.