May. 7, 2020

Two bad P Words — private and plastic – not bad any more

I live in British Columbia. 

Like most places in Canada, two words have taken on a nasty air: private and plastic 

Private as it relates to health care is a no, no. The Canada Health Act makes that clear. One of the conditions of the Act (Section 6) in order for Provinces to get Federal Money is Public Administration. That is Government, Public Health Care. If involved in private health care, no money. And this B.C. government publicly denounced private clinics. 

Of course, we have 5 million without a family physician, fewer physician per one million than many OECD countries, fewer MRIs, fewer CT Scanners etc. 

But go to a private clinic and you are a bad Canadian. 

Guess what I saw today on a document of the socialist government of B.C.? “Contract private clinics to go at full capacity.” The government is going to contract what they called “those illegal clinics.”

 You see, the government has a backlog of 30,000 necessary surgeries that were caused by the government-created lockdown.


Then I was riding my bike today and pulled up to a local supermarket and guess what I saw? A sign that read: Sorry, we are not accepting reusable bags at this time. We are temporarily offering free –plastic bags!

When I went to the supermarket these past couple of years if I didn’t have a cloth or paper bag, the looks I got were snarky! Of course, paper and cloth bags take more energy to make and higher transportation costs to move around. But that did not matter. Political correctness must take precedence. 

Wow! Can you believe this? 

Two new sacred Canadian values – private heath care is bad and plastic bags are bad –come crashing down. 

Can the ugly, bird killing, steel, concrete, ecology-destroying, expensive wind turbine be far behind?