May. 13, 2020

Trudeau refuses to criticize Communist China

Prime Minister makes excuses
about giving a fiscal update
I am listening to him now as I write. He lumps Communist China with all other countries as to the handling of the Wuhan virus. As if the pandemic originated in all countries — not Communist China. In answering a question about his soft reaction to Communist China he says:
"It is normal to ask different countries questions including China."
Boy, oh, boy. Are we being badly served by our PM? 
When our leader cannot even clearly state that Canada strongly criticizes Communist China and their proven mishandling of the Wuhan virus outbreak and their ongoing covering up of any outside investigation into what happened, we know that what he is doing is validating his comment when he was an MP — that he admired Communist China’s governing system. 
Many said to me at the time that Trudeau just made a mistake. You are overblowing his comments, etc. etc. Of course, he never did apologize. 
Well, actions do speak louder than words. And this PM has been soft on Communist China ever since he made those earlier comments. 
Do Canadians put Communist China in the same boat as democratic India, the UK, Germany – or democratic Taiwan? 
How long will Canadians suffer these undemocratic views of their PM? 
And now his undemocratic approach finds him refusing this morning to commit to a fiscal update. Just how much additional money has been committed? How does it look this fiscal year and what does the Federal Government think our present financial position looks like going forward? 
The PM is saying this when the Parliamentary Budget Officer just said that it is not out of the question that this year our deficit could top one trillion dollars. One trillion! We started this fiscal year looking at around $25 billion deficit. 
Our PM refuses a fiscal update when the the Parliamentary Officer says we could approach a one-trillion=dollar deficit this year. 
Surely, we expect our PM to espouse democratic principles, denounce totalitarian regimes that just caused a global pandemic killing thousands, and be transparent about our finances?