May. 22, 2020

Stirring the fear pot to trump freedom and privacy

Do you get a sense that the state wants to continue to control our lives beyond the short term using the pandemic to circumvent personal freedom and privacy rights? 

Why do I ask that? Well, I note that just as some re-opening is beginning – not fully done but tentative steps only – what do we hear?

Second Wave! We are not out of the first wave when on comes the second wave. 

The American Centers For Disease Control Director Redfield set the alarm with using the words second wave. 

Then the Public Health Officer, who seems to have taken on powers of a Premier, Dr. Bonnie Henry of British Columbia, raises the phrase second wave – today.

This stirs the fear pot at a time when we don’t need that. We need encouragement and how we can be smarter next time (if there is one) without devastating the economy, causing more suicide, stress, delaying other crucial medical operations, etc. 

 This is a full human issue, not just a narrow medical matter.

It is disturbing to think extended state power can be maintained if not extended and possibly made permanent out of this pandemic. But that danger now seems real with Second Waves being highlighted – surely implying restrictions of all sorts have to continue.

Governments seldom return anything they gain, especially when they say “this is only temporary.”

It might be getting near time when our Charter Rights will have to be put to the test.

At what point do ongoing restrictions ordered from on high infringe upon Section 2 of that Charter? 

c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

d) freedom of association 

Here on Vancouver Island with a population more than 800,000, there have been 126 Wuhan Virus cases, 120 recovered , a 95 per cent rate, no new cases today, none in ICU, one in hospital, 5 deaths. 

Not sure these numbers can supplant or overrule our rights under our Constitution.