Jennifer Clarke, People's Party Candidate

nnifer Clarke

News Release, April 2, 2019

 “The people of Nanaimo/Ladysmith have an opportunity to send a clear message to the rest of the country,” in the upcoming federal By-Election on May 6, according to Jennifer Clarke, candidate for the Peoples Party of Canada (PPC). “We desperately need change in terms of honesty and integrity in parliament; we need change from the traditional party systems of serving political and corporate elites at the expense of the people of Canada, and we need change from divisive identity politics,” she added. “For the first time the people of Nanaimo/Ladysmith have a real alternative. The PPC is a grass-roots party that will do things differently by looking out for all Canadians,” she continued.

“In addition to our concerns about the erosion of traditional Canadian values and culture, we have an extremely strong and well thought out economic platform,” Clarke stated. “We will significantly cut wasteful government spending by putting an immediate end to subsidies, bailouts, and taxpayer supported loans paid to large corporations with their well-connected lobby groups. The practice of corporate welfare leads to the type of political corruption and scandal currently being exposed in our government. We will stop sending billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars overseas to fund questionable foreign aid programs and so-called climate change initiatives in other countries. And we will systematically root out legislative and departmental mismanagement that are costing taxpayers billions more.”

 “In addition to cutting government spending,” Clarke added, “we will remove competitive barriers that impede business growth and increase costs to consumers. For example, we will reform Canada's equalization payment system, phase out supply management systems, remove restrictions on interprovincial trade, deregulate the CRTC, scrap the federal carbon tax plan and scrap legislation designed to landlock Canadian oil and gas exports.” Clarke continued, “I'm also very excited by the prospect of going to Ottawa to advocate for infrastructure funding for the Port of Nanaimo and other initiatives right here in our area. There are some very exciting development plans in the works right here.”

“Ultimately these actions will result in meaningful improvements in the cost of living for the residents of Nanaimo/Ladysmith,” Clarke stated. “Firstly, the PPC intends to raise the income tax basic personal amount from $11,809.00 to an even $15,000.00, thereby giving anyone who earns that much an immediate tax cut of $529.00. After the basic personal amount, the PPC will institute a tax margin for individuals of only 15% up to $100,000.00, and a tax margin of 25% for income over $100,000.00. Secondly, measures such as ending supply management and deregulating the CRTC will save Canadian households hundreds of dollars per year in grocery, cell phone and internet costs.”

Jennifer Clarke was born on Vancouver Island and has lived in Nanaimo for the past three years. She has been married for 22 years and is the mother of two teenage children. She is currently working in the financial planning industry, helping families apply for Registered Education Savings Plans. Jennifer has been an active community volunteer for her entire life, and has been heavily involved in politics since 2015. Jennifer was actually the very first People's Party candidate to be officially chosen by the new Party back in the beginning of January. When her candidacy was announced, Jennifer said, “I am running to ensure that our children and grandchildren will live in a land that has all the freedoms that our forefathers fought for. I want to stand up and be a voice for the people in Parliament, bringing issues that are of great concern to Canadians – I want to see integrity and fiscal responsibility brought back!”

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Jennifer Clarke can be found on her website at and on Twitter at @JenniferMClarke. Tel: 250-888-4319