Apr. 23, 2019

Was it politics or simply theft of gasoline?

ASSAULT ON FREEDOM - At first blush it looked like real political intrigue. I got a report of a local worker in the Alberta oil fields returning home to the Nanaimo Airport to find a hole drilled or punched in the gas tank of his vehicle. All the elements, oil field worker, anti-fossil fuel folks campaigning. Then it all came crashing down with the same thing happening all across Canada – a new method of stealing gasoline from vehicles.

GRADE YOUR CANDIDATES – The Chamber of Commerce all-candidates meeting is Thursday at Beban Park. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Candidates will have table and floor space to meet and greet voters. The candidate forum begins at 7 p.m. Each candidate will have a two-minute opening address.  They will have 45 seconds to answer questions addressed to them or the group. Questions have been submitted to the Chamber in advance from the public as well as the sponsors. Questions will be taken from the floor and vetted through scrutineers. Candidates have four rebuttal chits to respond to statements by their opponents. Rebuttals are limited to 30 seconds. Candidates each get a one-minute closing address.

A SIGN OF THINGS? - The provincial byelection in Prince Edward Island made noise all the way out here. At last report, P.E.I. was headed for a minority government, with the Green Party in line to become the official opposition with a Conservative government. Of course, that had Nanaimo-Ladysmith Green Party candidate in the May 6 byelection jumping for joy. He said all the right things, adding he will work hard every day until our byelection, knocking on doors, meeting with community groups and talking to voters.