Jun. 5, 2019

So that's where the money goes

I know it's not good for my blood pressure, but ocassionally I look at how the government gives away our money, especially outside the country. John Feldsted is a political consultant and strategist who recently examined the contributions and grants Global Affairs Canada is making. That latest report is for the last quarter of fiscal year 2018 – January 01 to March 31, 2019.

 John isolated payments to the United Nations but isn’t sure that all of its affiliates are included. The UN total he was able to identify was $693,930,932 – for one quarter of the year. If the quarter was indicative our annual cost would exceed $2.75 billion.

 I’m sure all of our readers get that warm all over feeling knowing they helped to donate about $262,500,000 or up to $1 billion annually to the World Bank.

Many contributions are made to a variety of non-government organization who in turn give grants to other non-profit organization. We have no idea where or how the money is eventually spent. There are charitable donations are not tracking well.

OXFAM received $83,286,529 and is embroiled in scandals for abuse, including sexual abuse of people in nations where it is active.

A full list of the last quarter contributions and grants is too large to post here, but is available by dropping me a note requesting the entire report. The list is 14 pages long. E-mail Merv@Nanaimonet.com