Jul. 9, 2019

Things that really tick me off, so let's do something about them

We all have things that rub us the wrong way every once in a while.

The latest issue to get me all steamed up is the news of a second sexual harassment settlement by the RCMP, for $100 million. That’s second such settlement.

There can be no discussion about whether the settlement was warranted, it was. For too long the macho males in the force got away with criminal harassment when it came to interaction with female members and female civilian staff.

So what’s the problem? Why should taxpayers be on the hook for the $200 million in total? The police force and the government need to go after the perpetrators and make them pay. Deduct it out of their pay, and for those who have already retired, deduct if from their pension payments. They created the problem, and it should not be up to the public to pay for their misdeeds. 

ON ANOTHER TOPIC – while a portion of the population continues to babble on about climate change and an imagined calamity, many people are beginning to finally focus on the real problem we can do something about. That is the ever-growing pile of plastic garbage in our oceans and landfills.

When we had bottled milk and bottled everything else we paid a deposit which we got back when we returned the bottles. Then along came plastic which too many people see as a disposable to be dumped where convenient.

Grocery stores have provided a false façade of caring about the plastic by asking if we need any bags for our groceries. At anywhere from two cents to a nickel, they seem like good value, and those who don’t want to pay for them feel really good about saying no to the plastic. 

Meanwhile just about everything in grocery stores comes prepackaged – in plastics of some form, so the nickel at the cash register is artificial righteousness.

What really burns me is a report in the past week which claimed that the grocery chains profit by millions of dollars over a period of time with the nickel bags.

Remember free disposable and recyclable brown paper bags? Time to bring them back, along with glass containers. It would be a start, and something real that we are able to do.