Sep. 8, 2020

What's happening in our world

GOOD MORNING NANAIMO – Environment Canada issued a special weather warning this morning for the Island’s east coast. Daytime maximum temperatures are forecast to be 5 to 10 degrees above seasonal from Victoria to Campbell River, reaching close to 30 degrees in some areas. By the way, it snowed in Calgary yesterday.

NOW THE FUN BEGINS – teachers head back to school today and the kids will follow on Thursday. Despite all the planning at all levels, what the success or failure boils down to is keeping a tight grip on corona virus. Infection numbers across the province have been rising recently. Will kids bring it to the classroom from home, will they bring it home from school? Monitoring will be one of the biggest challenges, trying to determine whether kids show the symptoms of the virus and then taking immediate action. If only it were that simple. Influenza season is approaching and flu symptoms are very similar corona virus. It’s not going to be easy. 

FISH STORY ­– A 33.4-pound entry was the winner of the weekend Port Alberni Salmon Festival and Derby. More than 1,700 people registered for the 49th edition of the derby, noteable for not being as many fish brought in as in previous years. Hometowner Adam Dombrowski caught the winning chinook on Saturday claiming $5,000 and another $5,000 for winning the entire derby. After prize payouts, about $40,000 was raised for local groups for salmon enhancement. 

A REAL COVERUP – a petition to make masks mandatory in public indoor spaces across the province is gaining traction. The petition was started two months ago and has nearly reached its 10,000 signature goal. Masks are already mandatory on BC FerriesBC Transit, as well as at a number of stores. But the idea of mandating them across the province draws heated opinions on both sides of the question.

IT WAS NOT A great weekend for luxury sports cars on the Sea-to-Sky Highway. A major multiple-vehicle crash closed the highway on Saturday. The crash included a Range Rover and a Lamborghini and a passenger car. The driver of the Lamborghini reportedly lost control and crossed over a median and into the oncoming passenger car. Six ambulances and two helicopter ambulances transported six patients to hospital, two in serious condition, while four had non-life-threatening injuries, including two children. Also on the weekend, Squamish RCMP impounded a Ferrari 488 going 189 kmh (117 mph) in an 80 kmh zone along the Sea-to-Sky Highway in Porteau Cove during traffic enforcement along the highway. The Ferrari has been impounded for seven days and the driver’s wallet will undoubtedly be considerably lighter.

A TIME FOR LIARS – Never in history have there been as many lies, deceit and hatred as there will be in the next eight weeks leading up to the American election. Politics in the U.S. has degenerated into the gutter. Demeaning, smearing and belittling opponents is accepted as the way to select new governments. And before we get that holier-than-though attitude, Canadian elections have sunken deeper and deeper each time around. It’s already started and we’re not in an official campaign yet. I am waiting for parties and candidates to tell me what they are going to do FOR Canada, not what the other party is doing wrong. I can figure that out by myself.

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