Apr. 11, 2019

A race with two old white guys in the lead

Hey, with all the chatter over young females, extreme progressives, youth and diversity in the American Democratic Party who would have thought that white Joe Biden born 1942, and white Bernie Sanders born 1941, would be leading the polls?

Where are all those starry-eyed progressives who have all the answers? Seems like at least up to now the rank-and-file Democrats are not as enamoured with these types as are the mainstream press who are endlessly covering the likes of O’Rourke, Harris, Castro, Booker, Warren, Gillibrand, and Klobochur. In the Morning Consult poll Biden has 32 per cent of Democrats favouring him and 23 per cent favouring Sanders. All the rest have less than 10 per cent each.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner sums it up:

"Whatever their differences, the two front-runners in the Democratic presidential race, Joe Biden, born November 20, 1942, and Bernie Sanders, born September 8, 1941, share one common trait: They are too old to be president.

Biden, leading the Real Clear Politics average of polls, will be 78 years old on inauguration day 2021. Sanders, number two in the field, will be 79. Both would be older upon taking office than Ronald Reagan was when he left office after two terms.

Voters are clearly open to older candidates. President Trump, born June 14, 1946, is the oldest president ever to take office — 70 years old on inauguration day, a few months older than Reagan when he took power. And of course, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, born October 26, 1947, who, had she won, would have been the same age as Reagan, 69, upon taking office.

Americans elect a president with the understanding that he or she might serve eight years. If that were the case with a President Sanders, he would be 87 years old on leaving office, and a President Biden would be 86."

To those interested in politics it will be interesting to follow this story as the Democrats move toward their convention in July next year.