Apr. 17, 2019

Get the Socialists out of government? Alberta says yes

Poor CBC. Conservatives take back the Government and they say (I am hearing these words as I write) the NDP had a victory.

Boy, hard to listen to.

What? It's 63 seats for United Conservatives and 24 for NDP. The Conservates took 55 per cent of the popular vote while the NDP managed only 32 per cent. The NDP is out, the United Conservatives are in. 

Obviously, CBC has little influence in Alberta, otherwise this seat count would not have happened.

It's the first time a party that had a majority did not repeat! 

I listened to Premier Designate Kenny. Free enterprise, the engine of what made Alberta wealthy, is back again. Excess red tape will be reduced. Freedom will return.

One can only hope that Canada is listening. Let’s hope this foreshadows a Federal Liberal defeat of equal proportions in October.