Apr. 22, 2019

I am glad the Liberals are in last place in byelection

Hey, we know all about polls, especially given the last provincial by election here in the city. They must be taken with the proverbial grain of salt.

Yet, we are all still drawn to them. And I must say I hope this latest poll is accurate .

It is just so sensible that this poll shows the Liberals in last place in Nanaimo-Ladysmith. With a leader who has broken the conflict of interest law four times (by an independent Ethics Commissioner), and who has through his staff interfered with the course of justice in his own Attorney General’s Office, this party needs to spend some time in the political wilderness.

Of course , we could add that the federal Liberals promised a balanced budget this year. What did we get? A $19 billion deficit. And that on top of billion dollar deficits each year they have been in power. That’s some gift to our children and grandchildren. 

The poll in question is reported by calculatedpolitics.com and is a compilation of all polls so far conducted. It is dated April 18, 2019.

The Greens top the poll at 30%. The Conservatives and the NDP are tied at 25% and the Liberals are at 19%.

Of course, the poll in the recent Provincial byelection had the NDP trailing but they pulled out a good win and given the history here that could happen again.

The main point for me is that the Liberals are loosing and on that I hope the poll is accurate.