Apr. 23, 2019

Liberal government splurges on electric car subsidies

Money isn’t a problem folks. Remember when our Princeling said the budget will take care of itself – he meant it – all the way to a new deeper debt hole.

Now its electric cars to help make the deficit and debt continue – $130 million for charging stations and $300 million in tax incentives to buy electric cars. This in the latest budget.

T'is all to help those environmentally unsafe, slave labor cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More than 65 per cent of the world’s cobalt used in batteries in electric cars comes from there.

And there is graphite in those batteries, too. And where does this come from? Two of the largest producers are China and India. Not known for high environmental standards one might say. How about Mozambique and Russia, two other big producers.

So this Canadian government that goes around the world preaching environmental purity is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to increase electric car use with the consequence that more undemocratic countries with low environmental standards will see more cobalt and graphite production.

Oh? What about that Paris Environmental Agreement that Canada is spending millions on, too?

Hypocrisy costs a lot.