Apr. 25, 2019

The great byelection debate, all candidates spoke well

EDITOR'S NOTE - Brian Peckford's veins run nothing but poilitics – from city council to the Legislature to Parliament, and there isn't a debate he doesn't attend, and then give a grading of the performances.

All Candidates spoke well, the differences were small.

Delivery - out of five

  • Chamberlain —4
  • Clarke ——4.5
  • Corfield —-4
  • Hirst—-4
  • Manly —4
  • Marlatt——3


  • Chamberlain —3.5
  • Clarke—-4.5
  • Corfield—-3.8
  • Hirst —-4.5
  • Manly —4
  • Marlaett—-4.8


  • Chamberlain —7.5
  • Clarke—-9
  • Corfield—-7.8
  • Hirst—-8.5
  • Manly —8
  • Marlatt—8.3

Clarke was forceful and good content and scored highest. Marlett was first in content even though the audience tried to stop his speaking because he went a over the limit.

One issue that got a lot of support was from the Greens' Paul Manly on eliminating all fracking for natural gas.

It looks like few in the audience realized that the natural gas Nanaimo gets today is over 50 per cent fracked gas and growing more and more every day. So if the Greens became the government, B.C. would loose most of its natural gas immediately and the two LNG plants that are moving ahead would be cancelled and the industry of Fort St. John and the whole north east would be no more.

Sadly, the desire for change, while wholesome, often embraces ideas that are unrealistic and in the case of eliminating natural gas fracking would devastate the BC economy.

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