Apr. 26, 2019

Green party policies could have serious consequences

Last evening, there was a public debate involving the candidates for the Nanaimo Ladysmith federal Byelection.

In that debate Paul Manly, candidate for the Federal Green Party, said he opposed the fracking for natural gas, that it should be stopped. A significant number in the audience applauded that position. The Conservative candidate, John Hirst, tried to say that fracking was a safe method but was opposed by many in the audience given their vocal reaction. No other candidate clearly articulated opposition to Manly's outrageous statement.

Right now over 50 per cent of the natural gas used in British Columbia is from fracked gas. The Oil and Gas Commission will confirm this. 

If such a policy were enacted it would devastate a large part of the BC economy. The exploration and production of natural gas is the life blood of the Province’s north east, communities like Fort Nelson and Fort St. John. Fortis BC distributes natural gas more than 49,000 kilometres of pipeline to 1.2 million customers living in 135 communities employing 2,300 people.

There are two LNG projects being advanced, one in Kitimat, and one near Squamish. These would be cancelled under this Green policy given that the majority of their natural gas supply would be fracked gas. Thousands for jobs would be lost.

How would the millions of dollars of revenue and thousands of jobs be replaced if fracking gas was disallowed?

Citizens need to know that seemingly attractive ideas advanced by political candidates could have serious and dangerous consequences for our standard of living if implemented. 

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