May. 1, 2019

Canada’s hidden political ‘love' triangle

Wow! As Paul Harvey would say: “Now we know the rest of the story.’

SNC Lavalin was getting employees to contribute to the Liberal Party and then reimbursing them for the contributions.

And then when this was discovered by the Commissioner of Elections did what? Oh, a compliance agreement whereby the company would not face prosecution for its actions.

Sound familiar ?

So SNC Lavalin is a real pro at getting special agreements to avoid prosecution.

This new development was disclosed by a number of news sources today. 

So here we have a Canadian construction company whose wholly-owned subsidiary is banned by the World Bank from being eligible to win contracts from Bank financed projects. The Chilean government-owned mining company canceling a contract with the company for poor performance.

Yet the Government of Canada was trying to help SNC Lavalin avoid prosecution for alleged other crimes by unethically "lobbying" the Attorney General to agree to a Remediation Agreement with the Company. And now we learn of another special agreement in which the Company was involved.
To those many Canadians who are obsessed with our southern neighbour’s politics and who fail to accept the Mueller Report (I meet them almost every day) let me remind them that we have a leader, our Prime Minister, in our country who has been found guilty of breaking our Conflict Of Interest Law and whose staff tried to pressure the Attorney General to interfere in the course of justice on behalf of SNC Lavalin. And now we learn of even earlier special agreements that the company was able to get to avoid likely court action.

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