May. 6, 2019

Greens win, Conservatives finish second

In a stunning development the Green Party has won the Nanaimo Ladysmith byelection giving the them their second seat in the House of Commons . The polls this time seem to have got it right.

Almost equally stunning is that the incumbent NDP lost and that they even lost to the Conservatives .

And in an obvious rebuke to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, high profile candidate Chair (leave of absence) of Nanaimo Port Authority, Michelle Corfield, came in an abysmal fourth beaten by the Greens, Conservatives and the NDP.

If there ever was a sign that dishonesty doesn’t pay this is it. The electorate senses the spin and the deceit inherent in the SNC Lavalin scandal and violations by the Prime Misiters of the Conflict Of Interest law and they are not amused. You are relegated to fourth place!

To those of us junkies there is an interesting question that emerges:

Given the strength of the Conservatives with no government rising or falling in this election, will the Greens new-found success hold true in October when a government will be on the line or will the resurgent Conservatives, the only viable alternative to the Liberal Party, achieve even greater heights and take the riding?