May. 8, 2019

First SNC Lavalin, now Admiral Mark Norman

Oh, tis a dirty business. Now suddenly, except for those closely watching the case, and a few who reported on it, we realize that seeing "through the glass darkly " is now seeing some very bright light.

The breech of trust charge (releasing Cabinet information about a $700 million shipbuilding contract) brought by the Federal Liberal Government against Vice Admiral Mark Norman has been withdrawn.

Pfft! "Out, out brief candle" as the great Shakespeare would say. "Full of sound and fury, signifying Nothing".

The Government thought it was something until the Vice Admiral’s lawyers got at the case. They demanded a whole lot of documents, thousands of them, some going right to our dear Princeling’s office. You know that office that had some of its occupants pressuring formerJustice Minister Wilson Raybould to change her decision on the SNC Lavalin affair.

It is speculated, that developments through this document request process were getting pretty close to other key people like Scott Brison, President of Treasury Board and his possible interaction with the Irving Group, the losing bidder on the contract. And wouldn’t you know a document request concerning Michael Wernick of SNC fame, which was a 60-page memo to the Prime Minister that was completely blacked out.

That’s getting too close for comfort.

Now my dear readers, especially my fellow Canadian readers, three years ago (2016) I was highlighting the more than 3,000 spending announcements the Liberals had made involving billions of dollars and the 175 promises still outstanding. The ballooning deficit that was promised to be eliminated etc.

On October 23, 2015 I warned about the PM’s good buddy, now departed Chief of Staff (no doubt still behind the scenes) Gerald Butts.

What’s the point? There were many signs that this Liberal Government was to be trouble for the country. The Vice Admiral Mark Norman case, like the SNC Lavalin case , provides the evidence.