May. 10, 2019

The Canadian swamp

What’s a swamp?

I guess some of us might say a marsh or a bog . Other more urban folks may say a wet or moist piece of ground.

In politics it means a place where things are done in a unethical or untoward way . Shady comes to mind and not ‘ under the trees ‘ shady; No, no, no.

This is the stuff of intrigue, underhanded action etc.

Don’t you get the feeling that is the kind of definition that applies to our nation’s capital these days?

The Americans talk about the swamp of Washington, their capital.

Well, folks, Ottawa these days, feels very swampy too, don’t you think?

This Mark Norman incident is just the latest in a long line of questionable bungling that has become characteristic of political leadership in this country.

Nor should we be that surprised. As many of us foreshadowed years ago the present personage occupying the office of the Prime Minister is not qualified.

A quick trip down memory lane reveals that this person praised Communist China as having one of the best governance systems on the planet, that budget economics meant that the budget process was on remote control —it looks after itself.

He was electe!

And so we have budget deficits of tens of billions of dollars, and a PM who trots around taking selfies and insults nations like India and interferes in the affairs of nations at the same time as we make money off these nations —like China and Saudi Arabia. No wonder Saudi students were withdrawn and canola refused to to be bought by hina. Of course, our leader’s whole life is one of having his cake and eating it too.

At home our leader breaks the law, his finance minister likewise; the Government interference continues, as we see in the SNC Lavalin affair, where the course of justice is attempted to be thwarted and big corporations supported so they can get special deals in the justice system while ordinary people get hauled before courts for petty crimes with the whole justice system out to get them .

And now the Norman affair where the Government’s own justice apparatus crumbles before our eyes. One of our top military leaders accused of  Wrong doing -the irony of it - it’s the Government who so accused him, that‘s in the wrongdoing business.

Can we put an end to this?