May. 15, 2019

Another committee – Bravo Coun Sheryl Armstrong

Reading Nanaimonet I see Nanaimo City Council is busy – well, forming another committee.

In the classic Canadian way just form another committee to tackle a problem. Give it impossible terms of reference with no timelines, lots of agencies and presto another ballooning bureaucracy. Wonder no more why Canada’s productivity lags behind that of our neighbour, it’s evident every day in the operations of our municipal, provincial and federal governments. This is another juicy piece of evidence!

Thank God Sheryl Armstrong is there – at least there is one element of common sense in the group.

Here is part the press story: “Councillors . . . approved the creation of a task force on health and housing. According to the terms of reference, the task force will work with the Nanaimo Homelessness Coalition and government and social agencies on aspects of the city’s previously-adopted plans and strategies as they relate to issues around mental health, substance use disorders, poverty and affordable housing.

Coun. Sheryl Armstrong wanted to know what would be different about this task force compared to past approaches.

“To me it’s just another study,” she said. “I’ve sat on at least six in the last three years and nothing ever happens.”

Has anyone at City Hall ever read what the World Bank says about Canada in a report they did on ease of doing business in the World? Canada comes 121 in the time it takes to get an electrical permit. One hundred and twenty countries issue a permit faster. 

Think all those committees might contribute to our embarrassing status?

Editor’s note: In the meantime, council is also busy creating an environment committee as well as some sort of “climate emergency” program.

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