Emergency Response officers avert head on crash

Two Vancouver Island RCMP Emergency Response Team (ERT) officers just happened to be in the right place at the right time, when on Tuesday January 19, 2021 they came upon a vehicle that was going northbound in the southbound lanes of the Trans Canada Highway. The incident occurred in the area of The Eagle Quest Golf Centre, located approximately one kilometre south of the Morden Road and TCH intersection.

The officers were driving north along a stretch of the highway that is divided by a meridian. Suddenly they noticed something that “just didn’t look right”. The officers could see to the left of them, the taillights of a vehicle that was driving parallel to them. The gravity of the situation then kicked in- they realized the vehicle driving beside them was driving northbound in the southbound lane. The officers watched in horror as at least 8 vehicles took evasive action to avoid a head on collision with the wayward traveller.

The officers immediately activated their emergency equipment and police siren and drove beside the vehicle for a short distance until such time they caught the attention of the driver. Their action worked as the vehicle was brought to rest next to the meridian in the slow lane of the highway. The officers jumped out and over the meridian and began waving oncoming traffic away the vehicle. They then had the driver safely pull a U-turn and park the vehicle on the side of the road, but this time in the right direction! 

One of the officers spoke with the 34-year-old woman driver and it soon became apparent why she was driving in the wrong direction. The officer quickly formed the opinion that she was impaired by alcohol. A Nanaimo RCMP officer attended and took over the impaired driving investigation. He issued a breath demand and samples were provided roadside to which the driver failed. A passenger in the vehicle was also under the influence of alcohol so a safe and sober ride was arranged for the passenger.

Given the drivers significant state of impairment, she was held in custody overnight at the Nanaimo RCMP detachment, and released in the morning when sober. Her vehicle was seized and impounded, and she was issued with a 90-day driving prohibition. She was also served with a violation ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for Drive without Due Care.

“This was tragedy waiting to happen and was only diverted by the decisive actions and quick thinking ERT members. Excellent work on their behalf,” said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP. Impaired driving continues to be on the one leading causes of death and collisions on our roads and highways. Don’t be selfish. If you drink do not drive.

Found golf clubs turned over to police

0121 – The Nanaimo RCMP is in possession of two sets of golf clubs that were found in the afternoon of Tuesday January 19, 2021. The clubs were located behind the old Howard Johnson Hotel, located at 1 Terminal Ave. Picture attached.

 If you have information on the ownership of these clubs, please call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file # 2021-2224.

Suspect assaults clerk after being told to leave premises

The hoodie the suspect was wearing during the altercation.

0120  – A store clerk was assaulted by an unknown male who was asked to leave the premises for harassing a customer. The incident occurred at approximately 6:40 pm on Monday January 18, 2021, at the James General Store located at 600 Victoria Road. 

Police responded to a hold up alarm that was activated by the employee who had been assaulted. The male employee told the attending officers the suspect caught his attention after he heard him screaming at a customer just outside the front door of the business. The man was apparently demanding the customer give him cigarettes. 

The employee stepped outside and told him to stop yelling at the customer and to leave the premises. At this point, the suspect charged at the employee and began assaulting him. A struggle ensued and the employee sustained cuts and lacerations to his face, as well as two black eyes. The employee was visibly shaken but did not require medical attention. Patrols for the suspect were negative.

Several grainy photos were pulled from the store surveillance system. The suspect is white, approximately 6 ft., slim build with blonde hair, and was wearing sunglasses and a distinctive black and white RCKLSS hood.

If anyone has information on this incident, please call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file # 2021-2134.

Police seek driver of single-vehicle accident

Nanaimo RCMP Media Advisory

Nanaimo file # 2021-2158

The Nanaimo RCMP is asking for the public’s assistance in locating the driver or occupants of a motor vehicle that was found abandoned following a crash. The incident was reported at approximately 2 am on Tuesday January 19, 2021. The vehicle was located in the ditch off of the Nanaimo Parkway, near the Harewood Mines overpass.  

Police and Fire attended. Investigators examined the scene and noted that the vehicle involved, an older model gray Mazda 4-door, had extensive damage to the driver’s side, roof and windshield. It appeared the vehicle had been traveling southbound on the Parkway and for unknown reasons, had left the roadway and collided with a large tree that was in the ditch. 

Police and Fire searched the surrounding area for any occupants but were unsuccessful. Investigators managed to locate the last known registered owner who indicated the vehicle was sold some time ago. He does not know who the current owner was. The local hospital was checked and no one had been  admitted following the crash.

If anyone has information on the crash, please contact the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file # 2021-2158. 

RCMP looking for owner of expensive bicycle

0115 – Nanaimo RCMP have recovered a relatively new and expensive mountain bike which was seized on December 24, 2020, on View St in south Nanaimo. 

At approximately 1:30 p.m. a patrol officer noticed a man riding a bike without a helmet and on the wrong side of the road. When the officer stopped to speak with the individual, he noticed that the bike was covered in duct tape, and that the serial number was also covered over in tape. The bike was a green/grey Giant Reign with an estimated value of $2,500-$3,000. The Rock Shox components were also covered in duct tape, making the bike appear to be grey.  

The 32-year-old cyclist told the officer he paid $300 and offered no further explanation for how he came to be in possession of it. Based on the officer’s observations, he formed the opinion that the bike had most likely been stolen. The serial number was checked on police databases and at that time, it had not been reported stolen. The man voluntarily gave the bike over to the officer. He was then presented with several violation tickets under the Motor Vehicle Act for operating a bike without a helmet and riding on the wrong side of the road.

If you have any information on the ownership of this bike, please call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file # 2020-45715.

Canoes found on Gabriola shoreline, are they yours?

Gabriola Island RCMP have found two canoes at Descanso Bay on Gabriola Island. Given the recent strong winds and currents, the canoes may have originated from the Nanaimo area.

Both canoes are older, and have no known identifying marks or name brands. Pictures of both are attached. If you have information on the ownership of either canoe, please call the Gabriola Island RCMP detachment at 250-247-8333.

Upwards of 20 vehicle tires slashed

File photo

RCMP NEWS RELEASE– 0114 –  Between January 12 and 14  Nanaimo RCMP received ten reports from vehicle owners of their tires being slashed. In almost all cases the tires were destroyed. The incidents occurred overnight at various locations throughout central Nanaimo, and the areas targeted were Country Club Drive, Ross Road, Bournemouth Road, Meredith Road and Boxwood Road.

Investigators determined that in all cases, the vehicles were parked on the street in front of homes, condos or apartment buildings. Either one or two tires on the same side of the vehicle were slashed by a sharp object. To date, there are no suspects or witnesses and the damage is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars.

These events are absolutely senseless and have caused considerable financial strain to many. Vehicle owners were also tasked with making alternate arrangements to get to work, finding rides for their kids to school and having to replace their tires,“ said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

 If anyone has information on any of these incidents, please call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file # 2021-1490.

Jogger seriously injured in collision with car

0114 – A 22-year-old woman was seriously injured after being struck by a motor vehicle at approximately 10:15 pm on Monday, near the intersection of Estevan and Departure Bay Road.

Police, Fire and EHS attended. Investigators spoke with the driver, age 43 and several witnesses. The driver remained at the scene and cooperated with police. The victim sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries and was transported to the Nanaimo hospital. Investigators were told that the prior to the collision, the victim had been jogging southbound along Departure Bay Road. At one point, she decided to run across Estevan Road in the direction of the Island Highway, when she was struck by a car that was attempting to turn left onto Estevan Road. The victim was not in a designated crosswalk at the time of the collision. Alcohol and drugs have been ruled out on part of the driver and victim.

Investigators examined a number of factors that may have contributed to the collision: namely, weather, road and lighting conditions, actions of the driver and that of the victim. The driver was issued with a violation ticket for operating a motor vehicle without a valid BC drivers license and her vehicle was towed from the scene. The investigation is continuing.

Shoplifter walks out of store with blender

Shoplifter walks out of store with blender.

0113 – The Nanaimo RCMP are looking for a shoplifter who stole a $150 blender from Real Canadian Superstore on Jan. 9. When confronted by an employee the suspect threatened the employee and left the store. 

In video surveillance the suspect walks out of the store carrying the blender. The employee who was threatened followed the suspect and saw him drive away in a burgundy Nissan Frontier pickup. No license plate number was obtained. 

The suspect is approximately 6 ft. and 190 pounds. He was wearing a grey jacket with a black hoodie underneath, black baseball cap, jeans and a blue medical face mask.

If you can identify this person or have information on this incident, please call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file # 2021-1055.

Duke Point Highway closed after three-vehicle crash

0112 – Three adults have been taken to hospital with serious injuries following a 3-vehicle collision this morning along the Duke Point highway, one km from the Highway 1 intersection. MORE DETAILS.

Investigators spoke with several witnesses and the drivers involved. While only preliminary, it appears a westbound van occupied by two adults, crossed over the centre line and collided with an eastbound semi-tractor, causing the semi-tractor to go off the roadway left. A female passenger in the van was ejected onto the roadway. Immediately afterwards, a westbound pickup collided with the van. 

The female driver of the pickup and the driver of the semi-tractor received serious injuries.The pick up driver was airlifted to Victoria hospital while the other two were taken to the Nanaimo hospital. The driver of the van received only minor injuries but  was also taken to the Nanaimo hospital. All three vehicles were destroyed and the highway will be closed for most of the day. 

Investigators are asking if any drivers who were at the scene and have dash cam video or cell phone footage, to please contact the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file # 2021-1374.

Can you identify these two persons of interest?

Do you recognized these two people?

0108 – Nanaimo RCMP want to identify two people of inerest for a theft from a parked vehicle Dec. 14, in a parking lot on Cavan Street. 

The owner of the vehicle said someone had thrown a rock through a side window and had taken her purse. Within hours, approximately $3,000 in purchases were made at businesses and online using her credit cards stolen from the purse. 

At this time they are only persons of interest but investigators would like to speak with them, said Const. Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP. If you have any information or the identity of these two people, please call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file # 2020-44492.

Money from heaven for woman on her daily walk

0107 – We all know about pennies from heaven, but it was raining dollar bills this week when a Nanaimo woman was showered with money while on her daily walk.

Her name is being withheld. She told police a vehicle went flying past her and seconds later, money floated from the sky falling around her. She could not provide a plate or description of the vehicle. She picked up all the money and called the Nanaimo RCMP.

No reports of lost money have been filed with the local detachment. One theory is that it may have been gained through illegal means and the owner is reluctant to report it, said Constable Gary O'Brien. "It happens from time to time," he said. "This amount though is one of the highest that I have seen in probably the last five or 10 years."

The money will be held for 90 days and if the owner is not found, it will be turned over to the finder. If you believe the money belongs to you and can prove it, call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 and quote file # 2021-388.