May. 24, 2019

The BC NDP has lost unanimously, the verdict is clear

Will the NDP of BC now take their fake marbles and crawl back to reality? All five Court of Appeal judges said no, British Columbia, you cannot stop the pipeline. 
Here is a quick summary from the Court of Appeal rejecting BC’s attempts to block the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.
"On a constitutional reference by the Province of British Columbia, the Court opined that it is not within the authority of the Legislature to enact a proposed amendment to the Environmental Management Act. The amendment was targeted legislation that in pith and substance relates to the regulation of an interprovincial (or “federal”) undertaking — the expanded interprovincial pipeline of Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC and Trans Mountain Pipeline L.P. which is intended to carry “heavy oil” from Alberta to tidewater. The amendment thus lies beyond provincial jurisdiction."
Let’s hope that the BC NDP Government will stop this travesty of interfering with an obvious Federal Government undertaking under the Constitution and stop making us who live here the laughing stock of the nation. 
Enough is enough. Let the Court have the final say —Section 104 of its judgement reads:
[104] "At the end of the day, the NEB is the body entrusted with regulating the flow of energy resources across Canada to export markets. Although the principle of subsidiarity has understandable appeal, the TMX project is not only a ‘British Columbia project’. The project affects the country as a whole, and falls to be regulated taking into account the interests of the country as a whole."