May. 25, 2019

Why has the will of the people been opposed?

It is an ironic twist of our times that the will of the people is being constantly opposed. 

By whom? Well, for want of other words: the elite, the entrenched, the swamp, those who feel entitled. 

Example A: The USA. 
Has anyone seen in their life time more attempts to unseat a sitting, duly-elected President? From the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, to the Democratic Party to many lower courts. Of course, that is not to say Trump is a saint. Far from it. He has made many mistakes. But it is to say that often what the people voted for, in person and policy is being thwarted. Need one look further than the two-year $35 million Mueller Investigation effort.

Example B The United Kingdom
The people voted to leave the European Union. Yet, the Prime Minister and her minions have spent all their time trying to forge a deal with the EU which contradicts that for which the people voted. Finally, the Prime Minister had to resign as the people’s Parliament rejected her fake deals.

Example C The United Nations
Almost weekly we find the United Nations Human Rights Committee singling out one nation for condemnation regarding human rights and hardly says a thing about the excessive human rights violations of its own members. This is in contravention of all the principles that the UN stands for and for which a majority of nations support.

Example D Canada
The Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance broke the conflict of interest law and were fined $200 and $100 respectively, a penalty hardly fitting the crime. The Prime Minister's office attempted to obstruct the normal course of justice in the Department of the Attorney General. The Parliamentary Committee shut down debate and further hearings on the matter. These actions violate the principles on which the nation was built. There has been no effective accountability. Most Canadians oppose these actions.

Example E Australia
The Government of Australia attempted to impose an environmental program that was opposed by most Australians. Thankfully, an election saw that Government driven from office and the will of the people finally restored. Subsequently, a number of State Governments like Queensland, who were also thwarting the will of the people, have had to amend their programs and permit resource development to proceed.

Example F France
The Government of France attempted to enact a program that most citizens of France opposed. The yellow shirt movement arose to give tangible evidence to that opposition. The Government has had to amend its program.

What is most disturbing is that citizens have had to rise up to assert what in many cases had already been an abundantly clear policy of what the people wanted. The great fear that is unfolding, as Western Europe and the UN demonstrate, is that the elites, entrenched forces and mainstream press are often succeeding in thwarting the will of the people by massaging their unsupported efforts, disguising what is really happening and thereby undermining the will of the people.

It is no accident, therefore, that Freedom House has recorded 13 consecutive years of decline in political rights and civil liberties in the world. Sixty eight countries saw a decline with only 50 countries seeing an improvement.

With more and more unelected bureaucracies deciding important issues and hence dominating the public square, citizens have been forced to yellow vest tactics to be heard.

The hard fought freedoms and rights of the last few centuries are now being undermined in Universities around the world which are succeeding in tearing down those people and ideas that have given the west its present prosperity and freedoms. 

Parliamentary democracy is a fragile phenomenon — and at present is taking a lot of water.

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