Jun. 11, 2019

Justin Trudeau – The Candy Man

When I heard our Princeling do his plastic bag thing a number of thoughts came to mind:

First, the song The Candy Man since there is this line:

"Who can take tomorrow and dip it in a dream
The Candy Man can
Or, now, our plastic man can!"

Second, the word "plastic" itself as we understood it in my generation means not real, pliable.

Now isn’t that our PM — all puff, no stuff.

Of course, we don’t know what plastic items will be covered by this ban. Honesty not required.

Can’t you see our Princeling frolicking the Circus Circuit years ago doing his Candy Man routine to the thrall of the multitudes on the midway?’

Disney headhunters — Why hasn’t he been recruited?

You know, one of the reason for plastic bags was to save the paper, save the trees. Now, the poor tree will be under attack again. No apologies offered. I thought more trees helped the atmosphere. 

Hope you won’t be using more paper because of this plastic Bag ban because. Did you know: Every bag, paper, plastic or reusable, has an environmental impact.

The debate over the comparative environmental impacts of paper versus plastic bags has led to a number of life cycle assessment (LCA) studies in Europe and North America: The Scotland Government Report 2005, UK Government Environmental Agency Report 2011, and the Eco-Bilan Carrefours Life Cycle Analysis of 2004.

The findings of these LCAs support the fact that plastic bags have a smaller environmental impact than paper bags and that plastic bags are a better environmental solution than paper. But, let us make dreams our master and join our Plastic Man PM and

"Mix It with love and make the world feel good!"