Jun. 17, 2019

David Anderson attempts to stymie Canada’s development — again

There are some of us old enough to remember David Anderson when he was a federal cabinet minister. I am one of them. In 1998 he prevented me from accessing federal public servants to assist in the salmon fishery inquiry I was conducting for the BC provincial government. He was federal fisheries minister at the time. 

Now he enters the fray again. This time urging the federal government to reject approval of the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. He says the economics is not there. Isn’t that for the industry and an open market to decide?

Since when did Anderson become an oil and gas expert? As far as I know he achieved a law degree and served as environment minister and fisheries minister in the federal government in the 1990s. I am totally unaware of his bona fides in International oil and gas economics.

We know that Alberta has a lot of oil. We know that right now it can only sell to the U.S. This means we do not get the going world price for this oil. We are forgoing billions of dollars as a result, $20 billion in 2018, according to the Fraser Institute. We know that if Canada expands its pipeline capacity to the west coast it will have the opportunity to sell overseas, not just to the U.S. That means a higher price. We know that oil demand will continue to grow (12%) to 2040, according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and the International Energy Agency – totalling 105 million barrels per day.

Why does Anderson want to prevent Canada’s oil from competing for additional markets, thereby growing our economy and jobs?