Jun. 18, 2019

Shooting at Toronto basketball love fest was played down

I found the story first at International news websites.

This morning it is the 18th item on the CBC News website. Played down in the way of a headline in the Globe and Mail website, Canadians concerned about climate change gets more prominence and still trying to find it on National Post headlines. Thank God Global News has it as their main headline with six arrested.

Imagine if this was an American City? Highlights of violent culture, guns, gun, evil – but now you are in Toronto The Good.

Nothing happens here, only love ins, diversity, as if we it was the only place on earth with a diverse ethnic composition.

And there is a headline about this Raptors celebration "a glimpse of today’s Canada," in The Globe and Mail, in print larger than the shooting.

No, no, it shows a part of Canada. It shows Toronto – yes the country’s largest City – but Toronto.

It’s so long since something of note in the sports arena happened in TO that they have lost their collective minds and now this is Canada. 

You know Montreal had the summer Olympics way back in 1976, Calgary the Winter Olympics and in 2010 Vancouver and area the Winter Olympics.

Well, between Stewart, B.C., to Cartwright, Labrador there are many places and people whose lives are not the lives of those who live in Toronto. 

And they don’t have the shooting either.

Get a grip!