Jun. 18, 2019

Liberals declare climate emergency, then approve Trans Mountain

Prime Minister Trudeau and his climate fanatics straddle the proverbial fence. Great danger in that; one could fall; oops that hurts.

If ever an outsider wanted to get a clear definition of a Canadian Liberal, they have one now.

Imagine finding oneself in the unenviable position of, on the one hand, approving more oil to be produced and transported, and on the other, declaring a climate emergency. How do you like that for consistency, and honesty? Square that circle.

Of course, the government has brought this situation upon itself by trying to be too smart by half with the Canadian public.

But their heart is truly not in the pipeline approval. That has been made abundantly clear by their Legislative bills 48 and 69 — the former to ban oil tanker traffic on the west coast (not the east coast) and the latter to make the road so difficult for new oil projects that many of them will not see the light of day. Companies, Organizations, the Senate, many provinces have spoken against these bills that will drive investment elsewhere. It is happening as I write; billions of dollars have already fled to more friendly climes.

So October looms and an election. Let’s hope that hypocrisy, double standard and speaking out of both sides of one’s mouth is over.

Yes, there is an emergency in this country alright and it is climate — the political climate of breaking conflict of interest laws, trying to help corporate friends to special deals, trying to interfere in the independence of the justice system, smugly lecturing other countries, and making fools of ourselves on the international stage.

Surely Canada deserves better than this Liberal charade.