Jun. 26, 2019

Some people are not getting the full picture

Did you see the photo of Trump, Trudeau and Xi on CBC website with the word "Titans"?

I am still rolling . . .

Then they followed that up with the word "impulse" to describe the trade disputes among the nations.

Let’s get it straight, our PM is no titan on the world stage – a pigmy (an insignificant, unimpressive person) more accurately describes our guy. I hope I can still say "guy"? Just this last few days he’s been a supplicant at Trump’s feet trying to get the U.S. President to help Canada in its souring China relationship. Of course, we haven’t helped our cause getting caught with sending illegal meat to China. Is that impulse, too?

And impulse is not accurate either. The U.S. has been trying to get China to play by some basic rules of trade. China continued to have higher tariffs on U.S. goods entering China than the U.S. has on Chinese goods entering the U.S. Diplomacy has not worked, so the U.S. is giving China a little of its own medicine. All objective analysis (World Bank and others) have proved the point of China breaking the trade rules. And China steals (U.S. court decision) technology. And breaks international law (the UN) in the China Sea.

But no one wants to acknowledge that. Just play around the edges – let’s have no pain, folks, to make some significant gain. That concept is old fashioned.

Then we have incompetent John McCallum, one-time weakling in the Canadian cabinet, then hopeless ambassador, uttering the elementary concept — sure we can solve all this, just stop the legal action against Huawei. And CBC carries this stooge’s words as if they have some weight in international circles.

And all this comes off as "analysis" on the billion-dollar subsidy which is the CBC.