Jun. 28, 2019

Very, very open — Canada’s China negotiation

I wonder just how much we are about to give away in the standoff between ourselves and China.

It doesn’t look good. When you have to call on Donald Trump, whom most Canadians I talk to loathe with a passion, things are not coming up roses now are they?

And Chrystia Freeland, our usually tough-minded Foreign Affairs Minister, is really getting generous. We are just not open, or very open. No, no, no, we are very, very open!

So one “open” is not enough. One “very open” just won’t cut it either. It has got to be “very, very open!”

This generosity is overwhelming – how many pounds of pork is this worth you ask? Or quantities of canola? 

Here is CBC , that ever-generous public broadcaster, quoting Freeland:

“Canada has been open for a long time to having conversations with China in addition to discussions unfolding at some diplomatic levels, Freeland said Friday, adding it remains "very, very open" to having conversations at the summit at a higher level.” 

Now let’s take this a step or two further, shall we? It’s not just that we are very, very open. It’s at the summit .

And the summit has more than one level.

And we are talking about at the higher level – at the summit!

Now that’s what you call Canadian negotiation –very very open and at the higher summit level.

Don’t you feel relieved?