Jul. 12, 2019

Trudeau has another radical environmentalist in his stable

Just when we thought former PM Chief Of Staff Gerald Butts, radical environmentalist, obstructor of justice conspirator, was in the rear view mirror in Canadian politics along comes another in full frontal view.

If you thought Butts was an aberration, think again. Our PM was all over his new recruit, Steven Guilbeault, who will run as a star candidate for the Liberals in a Quebec riding hoping to unseat the NDP who now hold the riding.

This guy was a member of Greenpeace, helped to found an environmental advocacy group and is against the Liberals' multi-billion-dollar Trans Mountain Pipeline. How do you like them apples?

Guilbeault thinks he can do more on the inside than on the outside. His environmental brothers and sisters are not amused.

But isn’t this how the Liberals work? If you look at the measures taken in the last few years: Paris Environmental Agreement with hundreds of millions committed globally to it, Bill 48 halting oil tanker traffic on the west coast, bill 69 mandating more regulation for new resource projects etc, presiding over the death of the northern pipeline and the energy east pipeline. And the list goes on.

The support for Trans Mountain expansion was forced on them. Trudeau and cohorts are not willing participants.

Now again we see the true colours of the federal Liberals in this new candidate. They know politics, and three steps forward and a baby step back is still progress toward their ultimate goal —to pursue the fantasy, mired in political correctness, hypocrisy, and ever higher costs for the consumer in trying to eliminate necessary fossil fuels.