Jul. 22, 2019

Gerald Butts is back, did he really ever leave?

Gerald Butts is back in the Liberal heirarchy. We all know that radical environmentalist who was Trudeau's chief of staff and who resigned because of his involvement in attempts by the PM's office to obstruct the Attorney General in carrying out her Ministerial responsibilities.

Well, as I said a few blogs back, I thought he really had never left and was carrying on in the shadows. He is even out of the shadows now. CBC reports "Among the 60 people who gathered at a downtown Ottawa hotel for a day and a half this month to discuss the Liberal government's campaign for re-election was Gerry Butts, the senior adviser and close friend of Justin Trudeau who left the Prime Minister's Office five months ago in the midst of Trudeau's painful spring."

The whole Liberal gang is back again, preparing for the October election. And obviously they believe the SNC Lavalin affair has little traction now. And they have calculated (of course, they would have no inside information) that the Ethics Commissioner will go soft on conclusions of the present investigation into that affair.

Short memories abound in the political game. And the Liberals are masters at timing, and knowing how to massage difficult situations. And they believe they have contained and handled this one very well, thank you very much.

With the Conservatives unable to cultivate fertile political ground when it is right before their eyes, with a confused NDP and the Greens having to do little but mouth climate exaggeration and half truths to gain attention, the Liberals believe they can have their way with the electorate notwithstanding law breaking, obstruction of justice activity, breaking promises of budget balancing and a host of other missteps.

And right now,at least, sadly, it seems to be working.