Jul. 23, 2019

Nanaimo’s legal expenses keep increasing

The City of Nanaimo has a legal problem alright. It is in the form of their Legal Expenses. 

On April 1 I posted a column that showed that the city’s legal expenses for 2016 were $532,809. In 2017 these expenses increased to $850,883, a 59% increase. I indicated at that time that the city told me that the 2018 legal expenses would be available after April 30. I have now inquired and have received the legal expenses for that year. And once again the expenses have increased. The number for 2108 is $971,710, an additional $120,000 over 2017.

Just to summarize: In the last three years the City Of Nanaimo has incurred legal expenses of $2,355,402.

It may be just me, but that seems like a lot a money spent on legal matters for a City of this size.