Apr. 22, 2019

Where is all the money coming from for byelection promises?

0422- Voters probably don’t look at it that way, but the parties seem to be using the current byelection as a dry run for the real battle in October. Many voters sound like they’re tired of all the elections and could have done without this byelection.

The parties are taking it seriously, campaigning door to door like there’s no tomorrow, but there is a tomorrow – we’ll be doing the same thing in six months in the general election. And that involves a lot of moolah.

What piqued my interest was a directive April 3 from Jonathan Dickie, National Campaign Manager for the Green party of Canada. They seem to have a lot of that long folding green in their campaign account. “We‘ve already raised $150,000 for this campaign. We’re over halfway to meeting the goal Elizabeth set for us.” says Dickie.

Since the election cap for spending in the byelection is just over $120,000; the $300,000 target may already be for a war chest for the general election in October. 

In the same memo, Dickie also points to a large influx of hundreds of supporters from across Canada to campaign on behalf of the party. Do those hundreds decending upon Nanaimo-Ladymith get reimbursed for their expenses from campaign funds? Or are they volunteers living and travelling on grants from the various tax-deductible foundations which support the anti-oil and climate causes of the Green Party?

Be that as it may, we have to wonder whether the other parties are blowing their budgets now and won’t have any money left for the general election. That's doubtul, somehow the money always shows up. Nanaimo supporters have been hit in a civic election, a provincial byelection and now this federal byelection, followed by the October general election.