Apr. 30, 2019

Prime Minister Trudeau takes recycling to new heights

I got a letter from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday, loaded with goodies about the future. You know, about how great we have it under his Liberal government and that we should vote Liberal in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith byelection. I voted at the advance polls, so it's too little, too late.

After a pile of hot air about costly climate change solutions, he vows to invest in “better buses and roads, to help you get home faster.” Thanks Pal, I like my 13-year-old Volkswagen Jetta diesel that gets me home fast enough. Dog gone it, I love that car, so keep your buses. Better roads, okay.

He dangles a plan to offer more money for nine out of 10 B.C. families with increased child benefits to help with the high costs of raising kids. Does that mean that he’s simply recycling Stephen Harper's family benefits which he cancelled? He knows first hand about the high cost of raising kids, especially with travelling nannies for his kids, at the taxpayers’expense.

He also offers a stronger Canada Pension Plan so Canadians can count on retiring with dignity after a lifetime of hard work. The cheque must be in the mail, I haven’t seen any of that stronger stuff yet in my monthly deposits from Revenue Canada.

Trudeau’s letter also claims investment in more affordable housing and a new strategy to build up to 100,000 new affordable housing units. Affordable is such a subjective word – affordable for whom? Affordable for the fully employed, or affordable for those on minimum income?

“And we’re making prescription drugs more affordable so no Canadian has to choose between getting the prescriptions they need or putting food on the table – and that hard work has to continue.” More recycling? Is that the same as the Harper family benefits or did he just swipe this from NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s offer of free prescription drugs for everbody?

When I was a pup in the news business, I remember John Diefenbaker’s bluster about Liberal promises. “Why didn’t they do it when they were in power?” Dief huffed. That’s just as valid a question today.