May. 17, 2019

The climate emergency declaration – this too shall pass

City council’s decision to declare a "climate emergency" elicited considerable reaction from Nanaimo residents. The News Bulletin conducted an (unscientific) online poll on the topic and got more than 800 responses.

More than 56 per cent do not believe there is a climate emergency in Nanaimo. A further 7.69 per cent feel the same but add that climate action is important. That's 64 per cent who are not thrilled with council's virtue signalling. Also, 7.3 per cent believe there is an issue but it isn’t the city’s role, so make that 71 per cent.

Then there are those who believe, with 28.8 per cent saying there is a climate emergency and the city’s action is important. 

The dire warnings are nothing new. Let's see now. I remember dire warnings about "plution". There was an agency called Pollution Probe, mired in controversy. Then there was the "envirement" collapsing, followed by the emergency that phosphates in laundry detergent would choke out all water sources in the world.

We don't talk about that any more, and that was as recently as the 1970s. There have been countless other emergencies. And when the "flavour of the month" fades, there's a new scare.

Climate change is already losing its lustre as the false narrative unravels with evidence of scientists fiddling with research data. Wonder what the next catastrophe will be. You can bet it's sure to be bigger and better.

Rejection of the climate emergency declaration also spilled into the letters to the editor section.

D.M. Churchbridge chided city council, “now that you’ve puffed out a few big words to create a committee, what exactly can it do to solve this apparent change in the environment that is affecting the entire world? I presume, get nods of approval and future votes from those applauding this mumbo-jumbo political speak.

“The leader of this nothing-will-really-be-accomplished campaign, Coun. Tyler Brown, is requesting 20,000 more hours for buses to roam our roads. Has he looked at most buses now, to only see half a dozen people riding them? If implemented, it means even fewer people would be riding on a bus but taxes will go up to cover the extra costs.

“Once you weed through all the back-slapping of this novice city council, the only thing we will get will be more taxes plunked in another foxhole to pay for something else and the burgeoning bureaucracy. It’s all buzzwords to give some a warm and fuzzy feeling but all this hot air is doing is affecting our environment even more.”

I could not have said it better than that.  

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