Jan. 2, 2021

Why are there no protests in the streets?

ON THE EVE of a New Year one has to take stock of that is what has been standard fare for some time. 

But one shudders to think of doing that if one is looking at the governments of Canada. A pretty rotten bunch, if you ask me. 

Just a sample:

Newfoundland and Labrador spending beyond its means for years now and for all intents and purposes is a ward of Ottawa.  

Nova Scotia’s handling of the shooting rampage in that province is a disgrace. 

New Brunswick’s fiscal position is unsustainable it has been proclaimed.

Ontario is in hock financially so bad that we should invent a new name of sub sovereign states who just spend. And what’s with all those inadequate long-term care homes? In Quebec as well. 

Manitoba – what’s with the Premier there and his foreign residence? And the government closing down “in car” religious worship until threatened with court action. 

Alberta’s spending becoming more like that of Newfoundland and Labrador’s. And their Conservative Government taking some anti-constitutional, draconian actions?

British Columbia – the premier breaking a written agreement with the Green Party and calling an election in the middle of a Pandemic – talk about crass behaviour!

And all the governments using the pandemic to violate constitutional principles without even a modicum of consultation with the people. And blatantly using so-called “science” where little or none exists. The Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has taken all the western Provinces and Ontario to court over this obvious flaunting of our Constitution. 

Months after mask wearing and social distancing, case counts were surging – not just in this country but around the world. Does this not tell you the present measures are ineffective? Countries with no lockdowns have lower death rates. Even Belarus. The establishment’s refusal to use available early preventive measures will come back to haunt all western Governments. 

The collective silence over the Great Barrington Declaration tells one the level of arrogance and refusal to look at what’s happening on the ground. There are 13,084 medical and public heath scientists and 39,544 medical practitioners saying the present lockdown programs are wrong. 

Then there is the Federal Government of Canada. A mess if ever there was one – with the opposition parties not far behind.  

We have gone from a deficit of $30 billion this year to almost $400 billion iIn less than 12 months. The horror stories of who has received all this money are unbelievable.  

This government has spent more during this pandemic than any other major country in the OECD!

Of course, that was to be expected given they broke their original promise of budget balancing right after they were elected. When you have a person who lives off other peoples’ money all his life, he has no value system to navigate anything, let alone a national government!

Then there is the law breaking which itself is a virus in this government – from obstruction of justice, to refusal to allow public servants to testify before the independent conflict of interest/ethics Commissioner, to trying to get almost a billion-dollar contract awarded to a friendly charity, to trying to get a deal for a friendly corporate entity even though that entity was banned for ten years by the World Bank from doing business with it, speaks to a level of corruption and dishonesty that should see such a government tossed out of office. 

Why are there no peaceful protests against this incompetence and corruption? Is it because we have become used to such behaviour? Is it because we see no better alternatives?  

Whatever – it’s a dismal state as a New Year approaches. We must look to better people and new and/or reformed existing political parties if we are to rise from this present malaise.

Let’s make that our New Year’s resolution!