Jan. 18, 2021

How many have been in hospital with virus since the pandemic began?

I bet that most would say hundreds. There might be even some who would say thousands. If I told you 70 you would probably say, “you gotta be kidding” or “what are you drinking these days”? 

But 70 is the number. That is what the BC Centre For Disease Control says. 

And as we have learned, if we didn’t know it before, that’s gospel – that’s the fount on high.

How many hospital beds do we have on the island? One thousand four hundred and twenty four – 1,424.

How many people live on the Island? Eight hundred and fifty thousand – 850,000.

Only 70 beds out of 1,424 have been occupied by Covid patients since March, 2020 out of a population of 850,000. This is an average of seven beds per month – less that one per cent. 

The Centre For Disease Control indicates there are 10 in hospital now with Covid, as of Friday.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what are the medical conditions of the other 1,414? Should not the taxpayer being provided with a more complete picture? 

It is all in how one presents the information, or better said, what information is provided and what information is left out. 

Looking at Government press conferences since the pandemic started there is a lot of relevant information left out.