Jan. 20, 2021

Princeling Trudeau must be happy, Keystone is cancelled

So Justin, no doubt you got your wish — that nasty extra oil out the west will not be moving now. 

Your press was carrying that your Government was urging Biden’s people to not cancel the permit. Presidential approval already issued. 

But Biden’s people knew the difference – from many of your actions and inactions this past few years ­– the Northern Gateway Pipeline, energy east pipeline, your legislation making it more difficult to begin new resource projects. You were just going through the motions, like most of your actions lately. Just for show. Down deep you were against Keystone. 

But it’s alright politically, Princeling. Canadians hated Trump. More than 90 per cent of people I talked to in this country this past few years hated Trump – never disliked him – hated him. No matter he supported more oil being transported to the U.S. 

So, Alberta will be struck another blow. It’s not Premier Kenney I refer to but the hard working people of Alberta who poured billions of dollars into the pockets of Canadians from Bonavista to Tofino over the last few decades .  

There is no other Province that has generated the dollars for this country like Alberta has. 

Suck up to Biden, dear Princeling is on your side: a globalist, soft on China (he said it really wasn’t a problem and you said you admired their governance). Move ahead with him on wind and solar so that we can be like Germany who are now considering rationing electricity even to their darling electric cars, because wind and solar could not replace their closed nuclear and coal generating plants. Attend with him the cocktail parties of the signatories to the sham Paris deal (China and India merrily building more coal plants) and cozy back up to terrorist Iran, as you simultaneously thumb your nose at Israel in doing so. 

Princeling, I know it’s a great day for you and your ideologues.

Sadly, not a good day for Canada.