Jan. 23, 2021

Follow the science? What a joke

Follow The Science? What A Joke !

On top of all the studies (I have10 here on my IPad) showing that masks really don’t work as advertised for the Wuhan virus and the severe lockdowns that many Governments instituted were wrong (it will be years before we know the full damage they caused, note the Great Barrington Declaration) comes the startling statements about policies being considered that would stretch out the two dose Pfizer vaccine to be administered in 21 days to some new number of days.

In the province in which I live, British Columbia, the Government announcement of the vaccine rollout included statements to the effect that the 21 day interval between the two does of the vaccine will not be followed. The Times Colonist says: “The vaccines require two doses, and B.C. plans to give residents the same product for both doses up to 42 days apart.”

On the Government of Canada website we find: “The vaccine is given by an injection (0.3 mL) into the muscle of the arm. For the vaccine to work best, you need to get two doses; a single dose and then a second dose 21 days later”.

Based on studies in about 44,000 participants, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was 95% effective in preventing COVID-19 beginning one week after the second dose. This means that people may not be fully protected against COVID-19 until at least 7 days after the second dose.’

Now if I have my facts straight, I understand that Pfizer itself, the maker of the vaccine, indicated from the start that the studies they conducted that led to the emergency approval to use the vaccine was based solely on doses of the vaccine being used 21 days apart. What the effectiveness is when the vaccine is used with larger time intervals between doses is unknown, as far as I can tell.  

Here is an excerpt from Pfizer’s own press release on November 9, 2020: “The case split between vaccinated individuals and those who received the placebo indicates a vaccine efficacy rate above 90%, at seven days after the second dose. This means that protection is achieved 28 days after the initiation of the vaccination, which consists of a two-dose schedule”.

From the beginning of the pandemic, we have been told over and over by political leaders, public health officials to follow the science, as they proceed with recommending masks in spite of new research telling us that cloth masks were problematic, that complete lockdowns cause more damage than they eliminate, and that existing drugs like hydroxychlorquine assist in the treatment of early Covid patents contrary to their actions. 

Now, again we see that the very advice that Governments themselves were giving by so called “following the science” just a few months ago is being changed, contrary to the science.

Such is the behaviour our governing elites.