Jan. 30, 2021

The Canadian Conservatives are really the Liberal Party

What’s with the Canadian Conservative Party?

Coming off a leadership contest last year one would have thought the new leader would be able to develop a plan going forward that people could see and understand. 

Sadly, that really hasn’t happened as Erin O’Toole contends with internal issues and is confusing on the real issues facing the country. 

His recent dismissal of MP Derek Sloan seems an odd way about building up the party. 

It stems from a more fundamental issue for the leader and party. It seems clear now that the leader and Party are eager to move to the political centre, to be seen more progressive and hence leave behind the more conservative group in the party. 

The mainstream press are mostly Liberal and keep hounding the leader and party about their lack of progressive bona fides. The party seems confused on this and instead of defending and advocating conservative values it is defensive and attempting to show how progressive they are.

And how can they talk of ethics and criticize the law-breaking PM when the former Conservative leader who used party money to send his children to private schools remains a part of the leadership team in the House of Commons? He is the Shadow Cabinet Minister for Infrastructure and Communities!

This is a party without a core – you never hear them talk of limited government, lower taxes, balancing the budget and while it raises gobs of money what is the alternative right now – I suspect the more conservative element will move to the People’s Party of Canada. 

Take, for example, the mushy policy statement in the party policy document on finances:

“A belief that a responsible government must be fiscally prudent and should be limited to those responsibilities which cannot be discharged reasonably by the individual or others.”

How do you like that? The PARTY HAS A BELIEF! No obligation here!

And what does “fiscally prudent” mean? How many trucks can you drive through that? 

And what are the responsibilities which cannot be discharged reasonably by the individual and others? 

But the real kicker is in one of the first principles in the policy document: 

“A balance between fiscal accountability, progressive social policy and individual rights and responsibilities”.

We have travelled down the road to socialism because we have a Liberal party that is more socialist than Liberal, and today controlled by a New Democratic Party that is left, left, left, spend and tax, and opposed by a so-called Conservative Party that is really Liberal.  

This is Canada’s reality and with the taste of borrowed money and something for all there is now the entrenched belief and on-the-ground understanding that this is the way things should continue to be.