Feb. 2, 2021

What a man! thanks Trudeau II – for what?

Like most things, Prime Minister, you are behind. Now, we hear you have an agreement with Novavax to produce a vaccine in Canada. 

When?  Well perhaps by the fall if everything goes just right – and as we know from Pfizer and Moderna things don’t always go just right. 

What happened to the company in Calgary that could not get answers from your government last year or just recently? They can produce a vaccine, too. 

Are they too far away? They were not located in Quebec? How come this Company was not involved with the Government’s National Research Council like Novavax? 

News reports indicate that the company’s first vaccines might come from outside Canada. 

We are behind in testing. The U.S. is testing at a rate of 950,000 per million; we are testing at 450,000 per million. 

We are behind in vaccine use; the US at 7.8 per cent of the population, Canada at 2.5 per cent.

Keep scrambling dear Princeling! Keep spending! Keep infringing on our Constitution; you know the one that your Daddy was involved in. 

Oh, come to think of it – he tried to “go around” established practices to get it approved and was stopped by the Supreme Court. 

Methinks, a similar fate awaits you. 

But then the polls are on your side – break the law five times, try to get around Parliament,, obstruct justice, close down Parliamentary committees, try to give favours to your charity friends, infringe upon our Constitution and hence citizens’ rights – and yet all is well politically. 

What a man!