Feb. 23, 2021

Canada’s government is a nothing – zero, zilch, a wimp

Monday (10:30 PST, Feb.22) in the House Of Commons, Canada’s Government refused to endorse a toothless Opposition motion to declare that China is committing genocide against the Uyghur people. Weak, shallow Mark Garneau, that once proud able Canadian, has succumbed to the Liberal hypocrisy virus, and speaking on behalf the so-called Government, abstained from the vote. 

As CTV reports:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not participate in the vote. Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau abstained on the record while the rest of his cabinet colleagues were absent.

“I abstain on behalf of the Government of Canada," said Garneau when he made his position known.”


So China knows for all to see, the Canadian Parliament, without the government, endorses a motion by the opposition affirming that China commits genocide against the Uyghur people. 

In other words, nothing to worry about here. The Government even refuses to vote on a motion that had no force or effect except as an idea. And Canada’s government wouldn’t even do that. Forget the mountains of evidence. 

In the inner offices of the Communist Party of China there must be glee and celebration.

This soft, ridiculous pro-China Canadian Government is an embarrassment and its actions shameful. The people of Canada should be ashamed of this behaviour. 

What did we get for Trudeau praising the Chinese system a few years ago?

What did we get for agreeing to partner with China in the development of a Covid vaccine? 

What did we get when Trudeau’s government agreed to buy medical equipment, defective it turns out, from China to fight their virus? 

What do we get in not banning Huawei technology? 


A Huawei executive is on trial in Canada simply because the international community forced the government and there is an extradition treaty. 

Meanwhile, two Canadians remain behind bars in China on false charges. 

And China breaks international rules in the South China Sea, violates its promise on Hong Kong with democracy disappearing there, and it makes its critics disappear or cower to its undemocratic repressive regime. 

But the Canadian Government, nevertheless, is firmly in the clutches of Beijing. 

As National Post journalist, Tristin Hopper, said in a telling, biting article, Canada can do little, if anything anymore, from no oil and gas to our own people in the east, to no clean water to many aboriginal people, to producing three flawed, bloated, hydro-electric projects that once was our strength, to outspending all OECD countries in the Wuhan Virus crisis and yet we have no home grown vaccine, coming 40th in availability and delivery. 

And in the last few days the International Monetary Fund is making negative noises (an earlier Trudeau helped cause similar IMF noises in a former era, which we are supposed to forget), and the Conference Board of Canada is even speaking up about our shaky financial situation. 

And then to top it all off, unelected Public health officers across the nation, with the active support of their governments, continue to tear to shreds our Charter of Rights and Freedoms ignoring real science and the advice of 754,399 concerned citizens, 13,399 medical and public health scientists, and 41,405 medical practitioners, all of whom affixed their name to the Great Barrington Declaration seeking a more focused approached than what governments are doing. 

We spend, pontificate, procrastinate, create another Committee, Royal Commission, create more regulation (Bill C-69) and impose new taxes (carbon taxes) and pat ourselves on the back. Mine is getting rather stooped from fellow Canadians patting me on our “good” fortune as I embarrassingly murmur “what about our debt, what about our lack of competitiveness, what about our freedoms, and what about our grandchildren”?