Feb. 28, 2021

Geo-thermal and naturdal gas superior to hydro-electric power

Editor's Note: Brian Peckford oversaw three hydro projects as minister of energy and the implementation of numerous gas turbines as back-up power. He is eminently qualified on this topic.

I have followed the disastrous Muskrat Falls Project and read the report of the judicial inquiry. I have visited hydro projects all over the world. 

Issue: There is natural gas in plentiful supply, some of which we will be exporting through  Kitimat. But lots more for our own needs which obviously we would rather others use. 

The experts have let us down on three hydro projects —Newfoundland, Manitoba, and now B.C. 

The geothermal association of Canada made a presentation to the BC Utilities Board demonstrating the viability of geo-thermal power here. The U.S. produces 3,600 megawatts of electrical power from geo-thermal.  Philippines, Turkey, New Zealand all produce electricity from geo-thermal sources. It is being used all over the world.  The Board and the Government ignores it. There is a fixation on Hydro regardless of cost. That’s all we know and don’t dare anyone to think outside the box. 

A combination of gas-powered and geo-thermal generators could more than serve our needs – geo thermal near where the source is, and gas strategically located. 

A Province that produces coal, its number one export, and about to export lots of natural gas, can hardly tout a green agenda and ignore natural gas generation and the most environmentally friendly geo-thermal generation. Yes it can,right here in hypocrisy heaven.